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Environmentally Conscious

We are your environmentally conscious solution, recycling ozone-depleting refrigerants, and disposing of scrap metal and pieces in an ecologically-responsible manner.

Air Dynamics believes in promoting the installation of Higher SEER Rating Equipment to conserve the use of energy

We promote new and or replacement systems offering higher efficiency equipment and accessories

We promote the complete phase out of Refrigerant R-22. Our installation consist of only using Refrigerant 410- A

We recycle and carefully manage all refrigerants (coolants from AC) to prevent release into the atmosphere by using recovering machines and recycling processes

Other energy saving ideas:bigstock-Engineer-adjusting-thermostat--86300255x

  • Replace old equipment
  • Programable thermostat that adjusts to time and day sequences
  • Proper maintenance on your systems
  • Upgrade and insulate your systems